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Order info

All orders must be submitted in writing and orders will not be processed unless they contain all necessary information for the production. Without all required information, orders will be held in our sales office until the necessary information is supplied and will not be scheduled into production until that time. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the accuracy of each and every order acknowledgement sent by the factory. We will execute your order as written and do not accept any responsibility for errors on the customer’s part. We will, of course, make every effort to find inadvertent errors in your order, but do not accept any responsibility for orders being processed incorrectly as a result of customer error. Please note that all orders will be acknowledged with an estimated lead time which does not include the time elapsed in gathering pertinent information from the customer regarding the order. Our production cycle starts when the order is entered and will not be entered until all the necessary information for production and delivery is furnished to our sales office, including delivery of COM to our L’Islet (Quebec) Canada manufacturing plant and offices.

New accounts

Electronic bank payment funds can be provided by calling the Amisco Sales Office at (800) 361-6360. We Accept Visa & Master Card.

Minimum order, fees & terms

12 pieces minimum (with exception). Minimum tabletop quantity is 3 with a $45 upcharge.  For orders less than $2000 net, a set-up / handling fee of $50 will be charged. Orders under $2000 must be paid in full with order.


All pricing is FOB L’Islet (Quebec) Canada.

Funds information

Payment address:

Amisco Industries Ltd.
Att’n: Contract Division
33, 5e Rue L’Islet
(Quebec), Canada
G0R 2C0

Bank wire

Wire information required by your bank can be provided by your Amisco Sales Representative or calling the Amisco sales office at (800) 361-6360.

Credit cards

Amisco accepts Visa and Mastercard. First 50% must be paid with order. According on the total price of the order, second 50% is due in-house 7 or 14 working days before shipping date.

Mailing check

Please use UPS or FedEX and provide a tracking number and copy of check via scan / fax (800) 232-6614. History has proven that using USPS can slow a check arriving in-house by 2 or more weeks after crossing the border. Production & Shipping will not begin until checks are in-house. Please use UPS or FedEX to prevent any delay.

Freight quotes

All prices are FOB Factory. Freight rates are provided after quantities are finalized and “Ship To” information is gathered (Town, State, Zip code).  FOB Pickup is welcome (weight and cubic feet will be provided).

COM terms, fees & conditions

COM Customers Own Material

Fabric COM measurements are accurate estimates. Always consult with an Amisco Sales Representative for final yardage requirements and forwarding directions. COM is simply received by Amisco – not sold or purchased by.

Terms & conditions

Production will not begin on any item requiring any type of fabric COM by the purchaser until all the materials for the item ordered have arrived, been identified and inspected. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring that all materials are identifiable when received. The purchaser takes responsibility for the wearability, safety, or fire code validity of the materials supplied by the purchaser. Amisco takes no responsibility for the selection of the customer’s materials chosen. Amisco warranties do not extend to the customers materials supplied by the purchaser.

Yardage based upon a 54″ wide roll. Yardage is approximate and we will not be held responsible if additional yardage is required. Order will be processed upon receipt of all COM fabric. All COM must be shipped prepaid and clearly marked with your company name and purchase order number. Customer is responsible for freight charges for material.

We accept no responsibility for costs incurred or replacement material if the mill sends the incorrect fabric. All COM used on Amisco products with sewn seams must have acrylic or equivalent backing in accordance with the ACT standards (Association of Contract Textiles). Amisco will not be responsible for any COM product with sewn seams if the COM is not ACT approved with an acrylic or equivalent backing. Amisco does not warrant quality, wearability, or workability of materials supplied by the customer (COM). We maintain the right to refuse the use of any customer supplied material that is not suitable due to pattern, stretch, weight or workability. Directional or striped fabric will be upholstered vertically (up and down, front to back) unless order specifies horizontally. To get the exact quantity of fabric required, please contact your Amisco Sales Representative. Product is built in conformance with CTB 117, when fabrics supplied by Amisco product is not built in conformance with CTB 133, unless otherwise specified and quoted.

Shipping address of the fabric:

Amisco Industries Ltd.
Att’n: Contract Division (quote number)
33, 2e Rue L’Islet
(Quebec), Canada
G0R 2C0